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Alan Schacher
WeiZen Ho 

Hungry Ghost/Golem


Performance Makers





Alan Schacher is a contemporary performance-maker, director, choreographer, dancer, designer, and installation artist. The child of a Holocaust survivor, an undercurrent of cultural landscapes and diasporic references, both imagined and inherited, form significant motifs in his work. He approaches his work with an architectural sensibility, yet the body is always the primary means and reference point.
His recent major performancesBabel (2007) and The Bland Project (2008) both focus on identity in the crisis of a changing world. He is working on a large-scale filmic theatre-installation project Caravanserai, which will highlight the global diasporic condition.
In 2011 he performed at Undisclosed Territory #5, a Performance Art Festival in Solo, Indonesia, undertook a gallery-based residency “One-Day Collaborations” at Articulate Project Space, Sydney, and performed a solo for dance event Platform3 at Fraser Studios, Sydney.

Alan was founder of Performance Ensemble Gravity Feed (1992-2004) and performed in all their works. G.R.I. is his current production company. As a dancer he has been influenced by Russell Dumas, Katie Duck and Bodyweather through Min Tanakaand Maijuku. He lives in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. 


WeiZen Ho was born in Melaka, Malaysia. I am a mother, musician, composer , vocalist and movement artist, and now live in The Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. My personal experience of growing up in a post-colonial society, my own migration, and the impact of my forebears' migration journeys, have prompted and informed many of my projects. For the current work “The Dying Songs I Dance”, I am gathering material, interviews and sounds that will inspire a song-creation including  song-chants from the death and funereal rituals of Buddhist-Chinese  Ancestral Worship ceremonies. 

In 2011, I was an artist-in-residence at Blacktown Arts Centre, Sydney, to research and develop new work based on a sound diary recorded in the streets of Blacktown.  My other recent significant work “The Borrowed Language”, a solo vocal, visual and dance performance was presented  at MAP Festival 2010, having been developed and showcased at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney 2009.

Since 1999 I have been invited to compose, perform and improvise in radio, music-theatre, sound & visual installations for ABC Radio National, SBS Radio, BigHART Theatre Productions, Shaun Parker Dance Company and Festivals in Indonesia, Beijing and Malaysia. I was also the co-founder of a music and visual performance group, TUFA, a group which employed filmic and theatrical devices in major concerts at Sydney Opera House, Government House Sydney, Cairns Festival QLD, and Sydney Mardi Gras Festival.



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