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Annetta Luce







Her Workshops:

Altered Social Dance

Liquid Body Hard Stuff

Dog Woman

Yoga Intimacy


Annetta began her professional career in New York City with the history makers of modern dance. She has an extensive education in the somatic therapies and an interdisciplinary perception of movement. Dance is a way back to our naturalness, our essence.


She is a shifter, bridger and teacher with extensive body history in alternative practice as dancer, performer and choreographer. Her vision of Moving Eros continues the parallel trajectory of a life path, bridging dance and sexuality with shamanic practice. Her most recent focus is studying with the Nagual, Lujan Matus in Costa Rica. She is an apprentice on the Sweet Medicine Path with Nagual Swift Deer in Phoenix, Arizona. The sexual teachings of the Quodoushka including Sexual Magick are part of her work in this path.

Annetta immigrated and pioneered dance as an expat in Australia for 20 years and is known for teaching Urban Tribal Dance at the prestigious Sydney Dance Company Studios.  Moist Windows, Deep Play, Bricolage were all avenues for students to step into a space of performance.


She draws from innovative techniques of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen ‘s Body/Mind Centering, NLP Practioner, Iyengar Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Capoeira, Kenpo, Kung Fu and her many totem animals especially the Raven. Her passion is to move like a Drunken Kung Fu Master.


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