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Artemisia de Vine

Conscious Erotic
Artist and Author




Her Symposium presentation:

Reinventing Commercial Sexuality


Professionally speaking, I am a Whore: skilled practitioner of the Conscious Erotic Arts*.


“Whore” serves as an umbrella term for my many roles as an erotic bodyworker, BDSM specialist, tantrika, sexual playmate, erotic ritualist and somatic sex educator. I am also a public speaker, workshop facilitator and writer.


Personally I am a 38yo creative, curious, playful being.. I’ve been in relationships with people of all genders and enjoy exploring all sorts of sexual roles: top, bottom, middle, merged, upside down and inside out. I am primarily attracted to exploring erotic and kinky situations where each person is seeing... and been seen... present, embodied and real.


My current project of passion is my upcoming book “Lessons from a Whore” where I explore my professional and personal journey into Conscious Sexuality and BDSM. Like most journeys, mine didn’t start off all that conscious and my story is full of adventures, humor, lessons learned the hard way as well as moments of insight, deep pleasure and exquisite beauty. I also share techniques and tips.



* “Conscious” is a term I use deliberately to refer to the depth of erotic potential we can tap into using various arts such as tantra, mindfulness, self awareness, authenticity, taoists techniques and sexual shamanism amongst other things. We can bop around the kitchen listening to music and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. It’s healthy, energetic and fun! We can also choose to use conscious techniques to become fully present and experience each note throughout our whole being: mind, body, soul. Music can be moving, transformative, healing, intensely pleasurable and even transcendent. So too can sexuality and/or BDSM. The Conscious Erotic Arts deliberately explores this potential while simultaneously acknowledging the value of sex for pleasure's sake.


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